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* Doug and Judy Peterson met in college, and then formed the Heart Song Band in 1976.


* Band members now consists of 3 generations of Petersons and other excellent musicians.


* The band currently performs at nearly 30 venues annually and has performed at over 2000 venues since 1976.


* Heart Song has recorded 16 albums with the latest CD "40 Years" 

being released last August 2016" 

"RESCUED" CD exceeding 130,000 copies given away!


* Venues include: dozens of county fairs, over 30 appearances at the MN State Fair, dozens of performances at midwest farm shows as well as hundreds of town celebrations, churches, resorts, and camps.


* Versatility and variety-gospel music-something for all ages.




#507-236-6460 or #507-773-4462 


If you would be interested in hearing Heart Song, 

a demo tape has been prepared for you. 

Just contact us and request a demo,

and we will send it to you.



Sarah, Jenny, and Melissa all once Peterson's now married with different last names, have grown up singing in their family's band, Heart Song, at churches, camps, and fairs since the age of two. 


As they have grown older, sisters Sarah and Jenny and their cousin Melissa have become an integral part of that band.


They fell in love with performing and speaking to people using the power of a song. Throughout the past years 3Pete has realized a unique blend that is a powerful tool for ministry.

They are united with a passion to share with others the hope, joy, and love that Jesus has given to them. Their mission is to represent Gods unconditional love and how He uniquely meets people where they are.


Though their lives are ever so busy with children, work and being newlyweds their focus is on the Lord and they continue to sing every chance they get.



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