* Doug and Judy Peterson met in college, and then formed the 

Heart Song Band in 1976.

* Band members now consists of 3 generations of Petersons and other excellent musicians.

* The band currently performs at nearly 30 venues annually and has performed at over 2000 venues since 1976.

* Heart Song has recorded 16 albums with the latest CD "40 Years" 

being released last August 2016" 

"RESCUED" CD exceeding 130,000 copies given away!

* Venues include: dozens of county fairs, over 30 appearances at the MN State Fair, dozens of performances at midwest farm shows as well as hundreds of town celebrations, churches, resorts, and camps.

* Versatility and variety-gospel music-something for all ages.


#507-236-6460 or #507-773-4462 

If you would be interested in hearing Heart Song, 

a demo tape has been prepared for you. 

Just contact us and request a demo, and we will send it to you.


Worship services and evangelistic crusades: 
a Gospel music concert precedes a powerful, yet down-to-earth message which presents a need for personal commitment to Jesus Christ. 
Heart Song is available for both one-night rallies and weekend crusades. 
We especially encourage united rallies with several area churches participating.

Banquets, youth rallies, camps, resorts, fairs, 
as well as Gospel concerts: 
Heart Song is able to fit any situation. Please feel free to use this ministry.

Doug and Judy are also available as a duet,
 backed by acoustic guitar and orchestra on tape. 
As a duo, they can fit your situation, singing some of today's favorite 
Gospel music as well as some of their own songs.



Heart Song 

Band Members

Doug & Judy Peterson

Tyler & Sarah Emmert

Jenny Ochs, Melissa Hardie

Josiah Croom, Jacob Larson

Chris Furst, Max Haake